Fish Myrtle Beach Family Fun

The Fishing Charter Myrtle Beach team took out the family fishing for the day. My sister and her Fiancé with his little boy came down for the holiday. I had my 2 boys out with us and it turned out to be a great day of fishing in Myrtle Beach.

We went on the flats in Cape Romain in McClellandville to look for the Reds. When we arrived there, It was total disappointment across all of our faces. The beautiful weather had brought out the most people I had ever seen on this flat. There were 4 boats in this area that I have been catching approx. 30-40 Reds per Myrtle Beach fishing charter a week ago. We decided to stay and fish because we had so many kids in the boat and was hoping the fish were still here. In disappointment, obviously in a week, the boats ran most of the fish from this area outta here. But we made the best of it and stuck with the plan.

Spencer 9, my oldest boy caught the first fish.It was a 22 inch Red.  Next thing you know everybody caught a fish!

Conrad 5, my youngest, Whispered in my ear ” Daddy, I want to catch another fish”! I told him to get ready because it was going to happen. And it did. He wrestled a 25 inch Redfish all by himself.  It almost took his arm off but he wasn’t not letting go of the Rod for nothing. Truly it was working him over but he wasn’t giving in to the fight. We got it into the boat and you couldn’t wipe that smile off of his face. He was so happy to get this fish in and his day was complete. Everybody fell asleep on the way home from the trip. We tagged all of the fish in hopes that nobody would Harvest any of the fish we caught that day. What a Great day to Remember while fishing Myrtle Beach.

Thanks Guys

Your Dad


Fishing Myrtle Beach (Not Catching)


The Myrtle Beach fishing charter started out at about 60 degrees F, with no wind and absolutely beautiful. But the gnats were unrelenting and we all were praying for a little wind to help.  So we left the landing going to search for the days catch. We ventured up the waterway at lowtide tide rising. We found a few fish at the 1st spot but no luck, missed a couple. So we ventured to the next spot and we found a SCHOOL of Redfish, estimating at about 200+. We were working these fish for about an hour with no success. It was very frustrating because we could see all these fish and only had 1 hookup. They seemed to have lockjaw for some reason or another.


We decided to go into Bulls bay in hopes to find fish that were more aggressive. We did do just that. The bay only gave up about 12 and lost a few fish that were hooked in-between. All in all,  it was a beautiful day on the water and caught some fish to show for it. Some days are better than others, and that is why they call it “Fishing and not Catching”!!

Fish Myrtle Beach

Ken, Ray and Walt had a good time Fishing Myrtle beach.


Fishing Myrtle Beach

Fishing Charter Myrtle Beach: Big Redfish for a little Guy

Some photos of Levi and his 32″ Redfish when he came out for a Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter on the “Red October”