Fishing Guide Myrtle Beach 12-3-2011 Video

Charter Fishing Myrtle Beach

Shelly Beats em Up!

The morning was allot warmer then they called for and we were set for our Myrtle Beach fishing charter. It was 52 instead of 35, which was nice. A little rain we had to deal with but that quit soon.

We first ran down the waterway and set up at a creek mouth and Chris had caught a really nice Redfish there but that was the only one for this secret Myrtle Beach fishing guides spots. So we left there and ran down the waterway in search of a school that wants to cooperate. The next spot on our Myrtle Beach charter gives up on or 2, so off to the bay we go. It turns out to be a great move, Shelly started catching fish and everybody was watching. She caught 6 fish out in the bay and Chris (her Husband) caught a small handful. But unfortunately, Shelly’s brother Terry did not catch any fish. I hated that more than anything. The great thing was that they took a bunch of fish home to eat back to Aiken, Sc. The other great thing was that they grew up in Pittsburgh Pa. Once they told me that, the day really couldn’t get better. They were a lot of fun on the boat and they had a blast during this Myrtle Beach charter. That was the most Redfish they had ever caught while fishing Myrtle Beach.

Good Job Shelly and Chris!

Capt Rob Beglin

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