31inch Redfish

The day started off pretty chilly and windier than forcasted for. But we were determined to make the best out it.

Once we got to the spot where I had been targeting Redfish for the last couple of weeks, I got all of the rods ready. On this charter we only throwing artificial baits. I had 2 boys in the boat and the said they wanted to learn how to catch Redfish on artificial baits. This time of year we generally throw only artificial’s.

We started in and slowly began moving towards the spot looking for the signs they were there. In about 30 mins, Steven was hooked up with a 26.5 in Red. We got him in and before you knew Brooks hooked up with a 25 in Red. The winds started to lay down and water was easier to see the fish.

We went to a couple of other spots and looked but the dolphin were relentless on the schools, thrashing and tearing the schools apart, we managed to boat 10 redfish and Steven had the big one of the day at 31 inches, 10lbs.Great job Steven

Capt Rob

Come to Myrtle Beach to Fish

Want to come to Myrtle Beach to Fish? Justin was in from Morgantown, WV and he was wanting to go before he had to go back home on Weds. Well he couldn’t have picked a finer day to be fishing in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Redfish Trip


Ed and Preston from Waynesburg, Pa.

The Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter was a slow day and we were seeing lots of fish but none of the fish would cooperate. We ran into the bay and looked around where I was catching a lot of Redfish but the water was high and we had to wait for the tide to drop about 3 feet. The full moon and the winds really had pushed a lot of water in the bays and who knows where the fish went to. So we ventured back into the waterway and looked at 100+ Redfish but none of them wanted to play. So now it was up to me to find some schools that would play.

Tried a total of 3 different spots and before we knew it, here comes a school pushing right at us and we double headed. We messed with those fish for awhile longer but with the tide getting to the negative 1 foot mark, they were getting spooky.

Left there and went to another spot that I thought Redfish might be holding and there was about 25+-. We ended up getting a handful out of there. It was a slow day in comparison to the last couple charters I had done. But everybody caught their first Redfish ever. Everybody was happy.

Thanks for another great day out with the Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter Team! Capt. Rob