2 Hours of Hook-ups Myrtle Beach Fishing Fun!

The day started out pretty cool at a balmy 33 degrees F. We started down the waterway looking for schooling Redfish. We soon found a school of about 25-50 and we messed with them for about 15mins and no hookups. We decided to run further south and look for a school I found last week. We found them and there was a lot more there this time then last week. We started working them for about 15mins and had 4 hookups. So we decided to leave. I know, why would you leave a school of approx. 300? I was pre-fishing for a Charleston Tournament on Sat and a charter on Sunday. Didn’t want the fish to have sore mouths come the weekend, right?

So we ventured into a bay in McClellandville and started searching for other fish to have fun with. We traveled approximately 200yrds of banks where I had caught fish in the past and seen a measly “2” Redfish. Distraught I had to focus and think where else to look. It took a little thinking but I had come up with a plan. Went to the next spot and started looking down the bank line and looking and looking and looking, nothing at all. I couldn’t get the boat on plane where I was so I was running the trolling motor at a fast pace just to get to deep water and before you Knew it, Holy Crap!!!! I yelled out “CODE RED”. They were everywhere around the boat, front, back and sides. A school of 100+ ready to play with us.

We sat back and let them settle down for about 10mins. Then we proceeded slowly looking for em and we started catching fish after fish, after fish. We had numerous double headers and caught fish for close to 2 hours non-stop action.

Justin was in from Morgantown, WV and he was wanting to go before he had to go back home on Weds. Well he couldn’t have picked a finer day to be on the INSHORE XTREME CHARTERS. He say it may rank as the top days of fishing in his life. Thanks Justin

Capt Rob