Dolphins Crashing

We both agreed it was a crap shoot on the weather and Doug was wanting to go regardless. So we went out for the Myrtle Beach fishing charter and it was absolutely beautiful all morning. Since we were apprehensive about catching plenty of fish as most anglers are. There was a dolphin crashing and beating up Redfish on the shoreline, after about 30 minutes of watching we decided to move on as there is no need to try and catch spooked Redfish. Cruising the bank we then saw some swirls and they were Redfish, Immediately we had fish on and then another. We got the one in and we worked another school but came up empty handed. Doug was extremely happy for what he had seen and has booked another Myrtle Beach fishing charter!!!!!


Thanks Doug


Capt rob


Fishing Myrtle Beach 4-22-2012

Fishing Myrtle Beach 4-22-2012


Myrtle Beach Fishing

Myrtle Beach Fishing 4-22-2012



fishing charter with Steven, Tommy and Brent

We had a great fishing charter with Steven, Tommy and Brent. These guys did a half day Myrtle Beach charter fishing trip and we all had a blast. Steve was the big winner of the day with a 29 and a handful in the mid 20’s. Some of the best days out on the water in the Myrtle Beach are during the spring time. The waters are clear and the fishing is GREAT!



Children Friendly Fishing Charter Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Children Friendly Fishing Charter Myrtle Beach

Children Friendly Fishing Charter Myrtle Beach


The Fishing Charter Myrtle Beach day started out a calm day in the morning. This was the first time Thomas was on the boat for a charter, he is 4 and he is a little trooper! He was focused on Snackin”{like his older brother} He He!!! But they both love to catch fish, believe me guys.  They are all about it for the first hour or so and if the fish are cooperating, then we are snackin and watchin till the time is right. Matt and I are looking for fish for the younger generation to get fired up on!! Thomas was a trooper, He fought that first fish like he was a seasoned veteran, (Did I mention this little fishing champion is 4). He was working like a bandit but it was wearing him out fast. The first fish was his and it was all he had to to beat em’. Myrtle Beach fishing success at last. He landed his first “Redfish” ever. You couldn’t have slapped the cute smile off of his face, Priceless. We didn’t do as good as last time but at least the kids got wore out from reeling in the Redfish.

Hope you guys had as great as a day as I had. Nothing makes my day more than see a kid smile from the fish he just reeled in!!!!!!

Great Job Guys, “David and Thomas”!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the great memories, Matt!

Capt Rob