Fishing Charter for a Father and Son in Myrtle Beach


The day started out pretty good with just a little breeze from the east northeast. The forecast was all wrong, as usual, the winds were coming in at about 15-20 NE. The tides were extremely higher than normal and we had to wait until the tide started to fall to see any signs of Redfish.

Once the tides cooperated the Son (Steve) caught a handful of Redfish and the father caught a couple. All and all the day was really nice and the fishing was slow due to the extreme tides.

This is the 2nd charter these guys have done in six months and they booked another in September when the fishing heats up here in the Myrtle Beach area.


Thanks Dave and Steve


Capt Rob

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Best Fishing Charter in Myrtle Beach


Fly Fishing in Pawleys Island


One of the most sought out destinations for fly fishing in the United States, and perhaps the world for that matter is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  And there are plenty of good reasons for that.  It is a beautiful place and one thing is for sure; the fish are definitely biting.  Many of the folks who come for the fly fishing already have previous experience in Myrtle Beach but there are also quite a few who are first-timers as well.

Now, even though the two seem to contrast each other, with one group being experienced fly-fishermen or Myrtle Beach veterans, and the other being inexperienced or even if they are veterans may be new to the Myrtle Beach scene, they have this in common.  Both have discovered how much more enjoyable their fly fishing experience is if they hire a charter fishing boat as opposed to going it alone.

And it certainly makes sense.  Think about it; they are there primarily to fly fish.  Granted, there are other fun things to do in and around the Myrtle Beach, Pawleys Island, and Murrells inlet areas, but fly fishing is still the dominant reason they are there in the first place.  Why deal with a learning curve when you can simply hire someone who knows all the ins and outs of the Myrtle Beach area waterways like the back of their hand and can show you the sweet spots where the fish are biting?

An added luxury of going this route is that those who charter the fly fishing expeditions can also provide you with all the info you need to have a good time while you are in Myrtle Beach.  In addition to making your fly fishing experience so much easier, they can also tell you where all the best places are to dine, relax and have fun while you are there.  It’s a win-win situation no matter how you look at it.

For the most part, when you hire a charter boat for your fly fishing in Myrtle Beach the fish you will be targeting are going to be primarily Tarpon and Redfish.  Now, there are other species out and about but those two are more than likely the ones you will be catching.  And as mentioned above, these charter boat captains know the spots where you are most likely to find success.

So whether you are an old pro and veteran of Myrtle Beach fly fishing, or a newbie visiting for the first time, make the whole trip a lot more easy and enjoyable and hire a charter boat.  That will give you much more time to focus on what you came to do in the first place.


Fridays Family Fishing Fun Pawleys Island

The family fishing day started out with us fishing a high tide and falling to low. We left Pawleys Island for Bulls Bay and started working the bank line that I had been targeting for a few weeks and there were Redfish out there. Steven got a really nice sized one there and they both missed a handful of fish. Once the tide started to fall, I ran to another location were they should be coming out of the grass at about midtide. They started catching Redfish and missing Redfish. Both caught fish and Steven, the boy, wipped the dad’s butt catching fish. Great day for the both of them.


Capt Rob

Fish Pawleys Island

Family Fishing Pawleys Island