Family Friendly Fishing Charter in Pawleys Island


Brad and the boys got to the landing at about 7:30 am ready to go fishing. We starter down the waterway and the weather was not going to be on our side today, as everybody could see. It was going to be a hit or miss situation with the tropical storm Debby approaching Florida.

They wanted to fish and so did I. We got soaked even before we got to the first spot. I told Brad lets go to “Shell Island” first and let the kids get all of the Conch Shells they can handle. In about 30 mins, they gathered about 50+ beautiful conch shells. I needed to let the tide rise alittle and this is a great way for the kids to pass time and also get the mother alittle jealous also.

We finally got back on the boat and ran to the 1st spot and we worked it pretty hard with no results. We went to another handful of spots and had no success. Im really getting frustrated we had not had any redfish on by now.

So we ran to another spot and worked it for 30 mins, no success. Never had a zero on a charter, and was not going to have today. Getting ready to move and heard a Redfish crash on bait. He was big, to say the least. So we back tracked about 50 yds and posted up.

Before we knew it, Carter was hooked up. He fought it like a champ and got him to the boat.  In about 10 mins, Carter was hooked up again and got the Redfish to the boat. Wee got some great photos and was ready to look for more.

We finally moved to another spot and the winds got relentless, 20+ out of the south. We hung in there and before you knew it, Marcus(Miami Man) hooked up. He was working it with everything he had and got him in the boat. Another Redfish. OK, lets focus on Dawson and Brad now.

We had 3-4 more fish on and lost everyone of them. I was really hoping that all of the boys would have boated a fish. Sometimes, it just don’t work out that way. Also I really wanted Brad to feel how hard a Redfish fights verses the fresh water fish they are used to. But Fishing is fishing and sometimes are better than others. Hate to say they will have to wait until next time.

The kids were excited to see Dolphin, Gators and many birds all around us for the day.!!

Thanks for a memorable trip.

Capt Rob


Family Friendly Fishing Charter Pawleys Island


Family Friendly Fishing Charter Pawleys Island


Family Friendly Fishing Charter Pawleys Island1


Family Friendly Fishing Charter Pawleys Island 5