Inshore Fishing Fun Pawleys Island


This day proved to be just like any other day for a guy named Matt. Every time he does a charter with me no matter what, These guys catch fish. We call him the “Horseshoe” in my house. These guys caught a first for me, a Tripletail inside the Cape Romain harbor. Pretty good if you ask me. Then they catch a 20” flounder. Then Matt starts to hammer em’. Every cast for the next 30 mins he hooks a Redfish. Then the other guys started catching fish also. We had a variety of fish and we landed about 15 this day. Even caught a Jack Crevell.

We went to look for Tarpon but the weather ran us off.



Thanks for the day guys
Capt Rob

Pawleys Island Fishing Weekly Photos

Murrells Inlet Charter Fishing Day Trip


We left the landing at about 7:30 in the morning and ran down to the Cape Romain Area to target the Redfish. We went to a spot that I had pretty good success in the past.

We get to talking and the dad says Rachel is the lucky one of the group and today proved no different even on the boat fishing. She caught the first Redfish only 10 mins into fishing and it measured around 24 inches. Then she caught another and another Redfish. She had 4 hook ups before anyone else did. She also landed a 27.5 incher in the boat. She was getting pretty wore out fast from these big Redfish.

Half hour goes by and She gets another Hook up and this one is a monster Redfish. And Micheal also hooks one, Double header going on this time. Micheal lands his Redfish pretty easily, it was only about 17 inches.
Rachel is still fighting this big one she has and about 5 mins later she finally gets it to the boat. We land it and measure it “34 incher”!!!! Biggest of the season in the bays for our charter. Everybody caught fish but the day proved to be Rachels. Good job girl!!! I’ll bet she was alittle sore the next day.


Capt Rob