Hang Out at Fishing Charter Pawleys Island – Day Three

Chuck and Dave

Day 3

The weather was better than forecasted for this day. Started with top water on the trout and caught some real beauties. Only about a dozen and then we left again to look for some Redfish on some different flats. We caught about a dozen and ended up getting stuck, Dammit. 2 hours later we was able to move again on the rising tide. Dave was getting tired and Chuck was getting more energized. Dave was just relaxing the second half of the day, fish occasionally. They ended up boating about 25 Redfish this day. Hopefully I had lived up to their expectations and hope they come back down next year for some Southern Hospitality. I will say that Chuck was one of the best fisherman that ever stepped on the Red October, 2nd to me of course. He caught on fast and never wanted to stop.

Thanks for the wonderful memories and cant wait for next time.


Capt. Rob

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Hang Out at Fishing Charter Pawleys Island – Day Two

Chuck and Dave

Day 2

Well the weather couldn’t have been any worse. It was blowing 25 out of the NW. So we were kind of handicapped for what we could do. So we decided to sleep in little and wait for the tide to get high and go look for the trout. We ran into Key Inlet and they put the beat down on the Trout. They stopped biting there and I ran to another spot in Bulls Bay where I caught some recently. water was clear and the trout were there. Chuck was putting on a Clinic. One after another and another. Good Grief this guy loves to fish. Total for the day was Chuck 25-30 and Dave 12-15. I had to drag Chuck off the boat this day. Weather was worsening and he didn’t want to go.