Fishing Action at Inshore Fishing Myrtle Beach

Matt and Ryan

This Matt has total confidence in me after 6 charters in the past year in a half. He lives in Camden and fishes here occasionally. And believe me I am not complaining at all that he keeps doing charter with me. But it seems all of his charters do so good that its really scares me to the point that it has to go for the worse for him on my boat. After 6 charters, you would think that it would level out at some course. But it don’t for this guy and his companions. Every time he gets on the boat, He wear’s the same Columbia shirt he has worn every other time. He says, “Why change a Good thing!” My wife call’s him “ The Horseshoe”!! Which suits me fine, cause they seem to catch fish, and a lot every time!

They got on the boat and we ran to a spot I had been targeting Reds and in no time they hooked up using artificial baits. And they hooked up one after another. Matt was wearing out Ryan early and then Ryan soon got the hang of it. They were soon boating Red for Red. But Experience got the upper hand and Matt took control of the situation.” Kicking Ass” is the term. Matt and Ryan Boated around 30 Redfish. Even though the winds got pretty unfavorable, we still landed a few during the day.

All in all, Matt has learned a lot of fishing with me, too much I think!!! He wont need me soon. But I would put him up against many anglers fishing artificial now. He has caught on, like most couldn’t do!!!!

Matt, Thanks for all of the charters you have done and I hope that we can do many more in the future! I like mentoring guys like you, you make it seem easy!!!! Thanks again!

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If You Want to Fish Here….You Gotta go wih Rob

Read about our happy client here: Fishing Trip Advisor Myrtle Beach

I live at Pawleys Island and have known Capt. Rob for some time.

He is my fishing mentor for SC inshore fishing. Our first trip together we caught 100 fish and had one of the greatest inshore experiences you could have. I go with Rob anytime I can and even made one of the winter videos on the site. Rob is one of those guys who truly is passionate about the fish, the ecosystem, the preservation of the fishery, and the pure value of just being out there. We joke that we always see something cool and different every time we go. The amount of time and study Rob’s put in is why we pay him to go. It’s quite a bargain. If you want to experience a true SC inshore fishing adventure, and most probably come home with some awesome Redfish stories and pictures………go with Rob Beglin, period. This was my Christmas present to myself…Christmas Eve 2102….beautiful morning in the cape Romain ICW…8 of these and home in time to wrap presents before dark. HYAU!!!


Visited December 2012

Extreme Experience at Myrtle Beach Charters

Read about our happy client here: Fishing Trip Advisor Myrtle Beach

 My Brother-in-law and I booked a 3 day charter with Capt. Rob.

This was my first time fishing for Red Fish and what a experience! Although I’m not the fisherman that my Brother-in-law is, I caught a lot of Red Fish and Sea Trout. Capt. Rob was very knowledgeable of the water and the fish, so he helped me be a better fisherman. On our first day out, it was beautiful weather and with lots of Red Fish. The second day, we had some high winds and rough water, but Capt. Rob knew just where to put us to catch fish all day long. Our last day was every bit as good if not better than the fist two days combined. Was sad to see it end. I would highly recommend a charter with Capt. Rob, I would and will do it again! If you have a love for fishing this is one trip you don’t want to miss out on!

Visited October 2012