62 Redfish in 4 Hours

This day will be the most memorable day I have ever had on the water. I have had days in the fall where, not a charter, but when I’m fishing where I have boated 50. This is a record for sure, HANDS DOWN!!!! The previous record on my boat was held by MATT BISHOP, his record was 51 Reds in 6 hours and I honestly never thought that this would never be touched. He caught his fish in the month of December and we were sitting on a school in Cape Romain of about 200 that day. And his charter was a 6 hour trip.

What Gary and his son did was absolutely nothing but a pure “BEATDOWN” in only 4 hours. I was counting every fish the deck that day. NOT what they had on and lost but, What they actually got in the boat. I was about as busy as I ever have been on a charter.

The funny thing is, when Gary called me to book the charter, He asked me, “Is it going to be worth it”? I told him like I tell all my other clients, “fishin is fishin! Lets go out and see what the day has in store for us. It should be pretty good.!!!”

Here is the most amazing thing of all, It is in the middle of the summer and this happened!!! Another fact, If they boated all the Redfish they hooked, they may have pushed close to 100!! This is no jok   e, all the stars were aligned for this father and son duo. I have never seen anything like this before. These guys were great and and DAMN wore out, trust me!!!!

Another Fact, His boy also caught a Redfish that had “NO” spot on either side of him. In all the years and “THOUSANDS” of Redfish that I’ve caught, I have seen a few with only one spot, but never a Redfish with no spot at all. Unbelievable!!!!

Another Fact, “ALL ARTIFICIAL BAITS!!” Not one piece of live bait was on the boat this day!!! Berkley Gulp Crazy Legs and Spinner Baits with Gulp swimming minnows only.

Thanks for a great and unforgettable day!

While I don’t guarantee boating fish during one of our fishing charters from Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island and Georgetown South Carolina, I do guarantee we will have a great time out on the water!

Capt. Rob Beglin

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