Fishing McClellanville SC

Eddy, Adam and Andrew.

This charter was a father and 2 sons trip. These boys were from Ohio. Needless to say they didn’t like The Steelers at all. But I didn’t hold this against them.

Fishing McClellanville


Fish McClellanville

McClellanville Fishing

We left McClellanville and set out to catch a few fish. We got started early with some nice fish that the boys caught. They pretty much were catching everything and the Dad had only caught one at this time. The boys were really Doggin’ him pretty hard too. But it was only a matter of time before the tables turned. He started hooking up cast after cast. The boys would throw in the same spot and would catch nothing at all. He would throw right where they we just at and he would hook up again and again. Then he started talking the same smack at the 2 boys that they were dishing out earlier. What comes around goes around. He ended up catching 2-1 on the boys. The days total was about 25 Redfish and 2 Flounder.

Not to Shabby!!! Thanks Capt. Rob


Matt and Andy Hooking Up The BULL REDS!!!!!

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This is the 6th or 7th charter Matt has done with me over the years. But this was the 1st trip for the Bull Reds. It was slow for awhile but as the tide slowed up, the bite heated up.

They started getting 1 after another and then a double header. Then another double header. They boated 9 and 2 Bonnethead sharks for the trip. Great trip again for Matt and Co.

Thanks again Matt

Capt. Rob

All I Want is to Catch a Big Redfish

Steve and Sheila’s Secret Fishing Charter

The minute Sheila got on the boat she was saying “All I want is to catch a Big Redfish”! She said it a bunch of times and I was hoping that would happen for her.
I told her that the area we were going to was holding some larger fish. The day before we had broke one off. So we got out there to the spot and on her 1st cast she caught
a pretty nice sized Redfish. About 30 minutes went by and we moved to another spot and here we go. She hooks up with a Bull Red and she starts screaming “ I cant do it, Its too big of a fish.
Please take this rod! Please somebody help me”! I told her, You talk the talk and now you must walk the walk honey. Steve and I didn’t help her at all, just coaching. After 10 mins, She finally lands the fish.
It happened to be the largest Redfish I have ever boated in Cape Romain. It measured out at a little over 37 inches. She was beat up after that fight but was happy nobody helped her.

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They boated 13 Reds on the day and they were excited. Thanks for the trip

Capt Rob