Red Drum

General Description

Iridescent silver-gray with a copper cast, darker above; one or more oscillated spots on upper sides from below soft portion of dorsal fin to base of caudal fin. Mouth inferior and horizontal, teeth set in bands on both jaws. Chin without barbels, smooth pre-opercular margin.

Average Size

18 inches, 2.6 pounds
South Carolina State Record: 75 pounds (1965)
Maximum age: approx. 38 years (a few individuals as old as 60 have been reported in other states).


Spotted Seatrout

General Description

Dark gray above with bluish reflections. Numerous round black spots irregularly scattered on back and sides, extend to soft parts of dorsal and caudal fins. Two large canine-like teeth at tip of upper jaw, all remaining teeth small, gradually increasing in size posteriorly on lower jaw. First dorsal fin with 9 – 10 spines, second dorsal fin with one spine and 25 – 28 rays. Soft portion of dorsal fin without scales.

Average Size

14 inches, 1.3 pounds
South Carolina State Record: 11 pounds, 13 ounces (1976)
Maximum age: approx. 8 – 10 years.

Southern Flounder

General Description

Dorsoventrally flattened body with both eyes on the left side. Pigmented side light to dark brown (controlled by chromatophores) with diffuse nonocellated dark spots and blotches; blind side of body is white or dusky.

Average Size

12 – 14 inches, 1 – 2 pounds
South Carolina State Record: 17 pounds, 6 ounces (1974)
Maximum age: approx. males – 5 years, females – 7 or 8 years; females are generally larger and outlive males.


General Description

Silvery, scales large, eyes large; lower jaw projects forward of fish. Dorsal fin originates near mid-point of body; last ray on dorsal fin filamentous and very long.

Average Size

40 – 60 inches, 40 – 60 pounds
South Carolina State Record: 154 pounds 10 ounces (1987)
Maximum age: approx. 50 years – possibly up to 70 years.

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